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This is a wonderful set. We did not buy it from Amazon (got it as a gift) but we have had it for a long time and it is very good. The dishes are light and durable, the material is (very) light metal covered with enamel, which means it safe for kids.Wedgwood has a long association with Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter. The relationship dates back to the 1949 when Wedgwood first decorated ceramic items with the iconic Peter Rabbit illustrations, and Wedgwood has been producing the Peter Rabbit nurseryware ever since.Add this fun packet of printables to your Tale of Peter Rabbit week! Activities geared towards Kindergarten-First Graders.Nursing your Rabbit Through Gastrointestinal Stasis. Information and tips to be used in conjunction with ongoing care from your rabbit vet For more information, see the Rabbit 911 lecture from the Rabbit Care Seminar Series 2014
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